Recent Projects

  • Jackson Kayak

    Jackson Kayak

    This is a more complex use of the WordPress environment, to give you an idea of the size of this website there are just under 3500+ posts that are contributed by over 60 different authors and 250+ pages.

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  • Medea Labs

    Medea Labs

    This WordPress powered site includes a completely dynamic and changeable vertical page title and featured image on the left side. As well the theme supports specific styling which puts the control in the users hand, instead of relying on a programmer.

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  • Global Accessibility News

    Global Accessibility News

    This WordPress powered site was developed with web accessibility in mind and features:

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  • Perth & District Chamber of Commerce

    Perth & District Chamber of Commerce

    This WordPress powered website has a unique, custom developed, stretchable theme. It has a minimum width, however no maximum width, the maximum width depends on the resolution you are viewing the site on.

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  • Tavan & Mitto

    Tavan & Mitto

    This is a WordPress powered site which supports both English and French versions of the site. On the home page you’ll notice a flash based image rotator. Inside the site there are thumbnail galleries, that when you mouse over change the main display image.

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